Burger King Windows 7 (repost from old blog November 10, 2009)

So what fancy exotic food will I be blogging about today? Some kind of spicy kelp from the coral reef of Antarctica? Or some strange mammal organ? Today is Burger King.

High end joint, Burger King

Burger King!? What the heck!? This blog has gone to crap. So why review a massive worldwide fast food chain? This…

Windows 7 is a meat window?

The Windows 7 Burger. In Japan this month, the restaurant compiled this 800 gram skyscraper of a burger in honor of the new Windows 7 Operating System. Here is how it stacks up, (pun intended) a whopper with seven flame grilled patties with some tomatoes and lettuce (so you know it is good for you).

A whopper isn’t so whopping anymore…

The Windows 7 next to a regular whopper.


Seven Patties

Yeah you are going to need that drink.

The burger is good, but chewing on the obscenely thick meat zone (heh) gets monotonous, and the texture gets dull. I suggest employing ketchup and mustard.

Eating Fail

My friend Justin just wasn’t up to upgrading his system to Windows 7. Well you can wash out the taste of failure and ground meat with a free pass that came with the burger to free coffee all November. Or, in Japan, you can get a Heineken from Burger King.

Free Coffee all November!

Heineken at a Burger King


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