Kura Sushi Restaurant Review (Repost from old blog September 20, 2009)

Sushi, so we meet again. Sushi has been the butt of many Western negative concepts of Eastern food. “Hey, you forgot to cook this” “We call that bait where I’m from.” And the most frustrating conversation I get is “It’s disgusting.” Which I query, “have you ever tried it?” “Uhh, No.” If you are one of these people go back to your Budweiser and Hot Pockets.

For good and cheap sushi I hit up Kura Sushi located along the Eastern water front on the outskirts of Yokosuka down by PC Depot and across the street from The Red Lobster. The best part about this place is the massive variety and the price (most plates are 105 Yen).

Here is the front door, facing away from the main highway.

Kura 1

So I came in on the weekend in the evening, big mistake if you are bringing a large family. There is normally at least a 30 min wait for a table during high traffic time. Thankfully for me the counter for lonely folks was open.

Kura 2

So here is how it works:

1.       Wait for one of the various items to pass by you on the conveyor belt.

Kura 3

2.       Pick up anything that catches your fancy.

Kura 4

3.       Enjoy whatever you grabbed!

Kura 5

If there is nothing on the conveyor belt that you like, just utilize the touch screen to order anything on the menu and it will come sailing by in a few minutes. My top three favorite sushi’s are: Inari, Ebi Avocado, and Hamburger. (Definatelynot traditional sushi)

Kura 7

True with fast food and internet dating, the photograph over flatters reality. But it still tastes good!

Kura 6

If you are able to wait long enough for a table you get to play a game… for every five plates you turn in you get a chance to win a prize. A roulette will spin on the touch menu. If you win, a small and crappy capsule toy will pop out.  But as you can clearly read, counter seats are unable to play.

Kura 8

It’s not all Japanese fish food. For dessert you can finish up with a nice slice of cake. Which by the way, is not a lie.

Kura 9

(Hey, I like Hot Pockets!)


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