Restaurant review Akaoni (Repost from old blog September 16, 2009)

Akaoni (Japanese for a mythical red devil) is the newest Japanese buffet in Yokosuka. It is located on the 6th floor of the same building with All Days 24 hour Diner, right past pepper lunch and Mr. Donut in Downtown. I came across the joint by the big sign on the sidewalk.

 Akaoni sidewalk sign

This sign was big and had the right kind of food photos that made me craved them. So we went upstairs up 6 floors and were greeted by the double glass doors to the lobby.

Glass doors to the lobby

The lobby was decorated with many striking Japanese flower arrangements. The flowers are for the stores new opening.


Flower set 1

Flower Set 2

The was no wait, in fact there was a only a few groups of people there. But the room looked like it could serve 150-225 people. The restaurant was very clean. I could tell it was new. We were seated and the young waitress clicked on the gas. The grill and boiling pot of water built right into the table came to life.

And with that, the time for us had started (You can get all you can eat for 60 or 90 minutes in this restaurant). So we dashed to load our trays and sample the variety. The sign boasting 100 different items was right. The variety was awesome.  Many different kinds of fresh fruits and veggies, along with a freezer wall of meat a soup and curry station, a salad bar, ice cream freezer, a cake stand, and of course a chocolate fountain.

(Note: I was not allowed to take photos of the things not on my table.)

Plates of food

Meat on the grill

The grill was hot and the food cooked quickly. Good thing too with only 60 minutes to do damage.

Shrimp 1

Shrimp 2

The food was very good. And the best think is that you can make it how you like; well-done, raw, grilled, boiled, spiced, or plain.

Over all we enjoyed the food and the restaurant and would recommend our friends to go with us. Welcome to Yokosuka!

Price list:

90 minutes                           60 minutes

  • Man        2362          Man        1314
  • Woman  2290          Woman   1219
  • Child       1219          Child        645

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