Restaurant review Sagamiya (Repost from old blog September 18, 2009)

For a quick snack, protein and cholesterol boost; I like to go down to the Yakitori stand “Sagamiya.” It is located in downtown Yokosuka across the street from T.G.I. Fridays. The outdoor stand is on a small side ally that makes you feel shady eating outdoor meat in between the downtown buildings.

Sagamiya 1

I like to call this place “Trogdor Yakitori”. Why Trogdor?

Sagamiya2a Sagamiya 2b

Watch out peasants! It’s delicious (oishii)!

Sagamiya 3

Sagamiya 4

This is how it works…

Sagamiya 5

And this is the result…

Sagamiya 6

Sagamiya 7

Sagamiya is a good stop for a quick, warm, and easy snack. Sure it isn’t a full meal and the cuts of meat sound dubious (Chicken ball?? What the hell is that?!), but I like it. Burninate on!


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