Science ponders ‘zombie attack’ (Repost from old blog September 12, 2009)

An actual ‘mathematical exercise’ by Canadian researchers. Utilizing mathematics and basic science to alleviate an undead problem can be effective and fun! (see Army of Darkness) Mathematics has many more practical uses than you might think. Aside from calculating the likelihood that Suzy will pull a green marble out of a bag, or punching in 58008 in an upside-down calculator, but also how to modify a 1973 Oldsmobile to chop up a wave of walking dead like a bell pepper.
I think it is appropriate that the pending zombie Apocalypse be looked at mathematically. 32,042,659 to 1 is only a number and nothing to be afraid of. -What, you’re afraid of a number besides 13?! Pansy.
Here are some more numbers for you to calculate…
A revolver can hold 6 shots
A Shotgun can hold 9 shells
A handgun can hold 16 rounds
A zombie can hold 0 weapons (normally)

The final paper offers the advice this “It’s imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly or else…” But you already knew that. So break out the slide-rule and the programmable calculator and remember Pythagorean zombie theorem; Cleverness2 + Resources2 = Survival2


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