Tokyo Game Show 2009 (Repost from old blog October 07, 2009)

As you may already know, the Tokyo Game Show was September 24th to the 26th. 2 weeks ago?! And I am now just getting around to writing about it!? Lame! What do I have to report that is soooo ground breaking 2 weeks later? Oh I bet that Sega DreamCast system will be a smash! I should just take my Play Station One and go home…

The Tokyo Game show is the largest video game convention in Japan.  Many of the big names were there revealing upcoming projects coming out next year or conveniently at the holiday season. Who was there?

Tokyo Game Show Crowd

Tokyo Game Show Welcome

 Aside from the Otaku international population bottle necking the gates…

Capcom had a huge showing with a trailer theater, game sampling area, and a live stage with a cute hostess interviewing producers for the upcoming titles.

The cute Capcom girl

Some of the things to look out from Capcom this year is; Lost Planet 2, Biohazard (Resident Evil) The Darkside Chronicals, Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, Ghost Trick, Basara 3, and Last Ranker, RockMan (MegaMan) Battle networks and Starforce rerelease.

RockMan is Back!

Now I love me my RockMan (MegaMan), and I actually liked Battle networks (Who couldn’t enjoy the catchy catch phrase “RockMan.exe … Jack In!!!”). When I saw the Capcom stage populated by real live Rockmen, I had a fan boy moment.

All the Megamen and white labcoats!

Battle Networks

And Star Force

Team up!

But that was small news. The jewel for Capcom’s crown this year was the anticipated new installment in the Biohazard franchise, The Darkside Chronicles.

The Darkside Chronicals

And I see why it is, It centers around Leon S. Kennedy and his history with the T-Virus. (Think what you want Kaily!)

Leon and Jack, before Jack is a psycho.

 Chronologically part of the game will take place before Biohazard 4 and part during Biohazard 2, while still covering undiscovered grounds. The Game is a first person arcade style shooter on the Nintendo Wii. The Darkside Chronicles featuring three games.

Relive Raccoon City, or go to South America

Relive the horror of Raccoon city with Ada (<3) or Claire, or you can explore South America and get some back story on Jack Krauser.

Biohazard 5 Alternative edition look intriguing.

BioHazard 5 Alternative edition

 I wonder how they story will be different and if there will be an alternative storyline shooting out from it like Star Trek 2009. It appears that Biohazard fever (T-Virus) is fast spreading!

I want this shirt, but not the virus.

Ubisoft has a more modest set up than Capcom, but the games they brought looked solid. To name them; Avatar the game, Red Steel 2, Rabbids Go Home, Assassin’s Creed 2…

Assassin's Creed 2. Kill guys in porcelain party masks

 …And Splinter Cell Conviction. That’s right! Splinter cell is back! Staring…. An unshaved Jack Bauer?

Sam Fisher

Jack Bauer!

I love the sneaky sneek games with the unshaved dudes with the guns stopping the nukes. So that leads us to…

Naked Snake


Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace walker, for the PSP.

I love sneaking behind wood crates!

Adjacent to Konami was Square Enix who was no slouch. They pumped out three new Final Fantasy titles. XIII for PS3, XIV On-line, and Chrystal Bearers. With all these titles coming out I hope they don’t get to formulaic.

FF 13

Let’s meet the line up for Final Fantasy XIII!

Oh yeah, looks like an all-star cast!

Generic Female hero, Catholic Schoolgirl, Axle Rose, Billy Dee Williams (Pirate Version), and more!

So along with Rockman Battle networks and Star force, some other games are being rereleased.

After 15 years, this game is still awesome!

Tales of Phantasia coming out for Dokomo cell phones.

Dumb Nash and his lightning robot armor

Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star will be out for PSP (stupid Nash).

Many others showed up but Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and Final Fantasy XIII seem to be the big titles. Overall the Tokyo Game Show was a huge (and germo/claustrophobic) good time! Getting to wait in line for at least 30 minutes was part of the fun as you saw some awesome cosplay shuffle by, or as a majority of the hardcore gamers did, just bust out the DS and shun the outside world. And by the way I am thinking of updating my PlayStation One to something a bit more… interactive…

Oh yeah, let me press her buttons.

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