Sukoshicon Huntsville (repost from old blog November 17, 2010)

On the 13th I woke up super early and made my way over to Huntsville Alabama. Why would I do something like that? To participate in Sukoshicon!
The Con was in the Marriott right next to a NASA space center.

The Huntsville NASA Space center

Here is my display. My table has a bit more stuff on it than last time.

Sukoshicon Huntsville. My table!

Sukoshicon Huntsville

And here are some of the drawings I did.

Rocket Shrimp and Party Fowl


Louisianime 2010 Baton Rouge (repost from old blog September 17, 2010)

What is the home of Alligators, Zydeco, and Otaku? Louisiana!!! Last weekend was Louisianime, an anime convention in Louisiana (Well duh). This year’s Louisianime (2nd year) was held in the Baton Rouge Crown Plaza on September 10-12. This was my first convention in Louisiana, and there was lots of Creole otaku spirit.

Who Dat?! Master Roshi! Geaux Saints

Ghost Buster, New Orleans Creole 9  This is an awesome Ghostbuster Pack

The con was spacious enough for everybody but still had that ‘small-con feeling.’ Also there were lots of cosplayers costume-playing about.

Lots of cosplayers

Art tables and such

The 黒執事 (Kuroshitsuji) or Black Butler crew.

Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaels

Mario and Sonic team!

"Get over here!" Deep Thoughts by Scorpion

Let me catch you so I can breed you! Oh my Pokemon has gotten strange

I don't know, dare I say kawaii?  Sam Fisher and.... somebody else

Tony Stark San Ironman suit  make sure you stay out of his magazines*

Furrys!  Shiva from final fantasy X2

Lets LARP guys!  A wild Pokemonappears!

Kawaii Neko Maid (ネコ メイド) Nice cosplay

Monocles and Top-hats are pimp!  Chii from Chobits

Steam-Punk Mad-Hatter  His cane is a spout for tea!

My friend and I hosted the ‘Pose-off’, a game with no winners! How the game is played is that my friend and I make an ass of ourselves by striking a pose, any kind of pose, and then two people come up and try to do the pose.

Kung-fu Knuckles hat!


Ash Ketchum!

Guitar Hero! Star Power!  

Vocaloid will do what a Vocaloid dose.  ROTFL! this is win.

Panda is hiding a knife.  (

Can I have some energy for my spirit bomb?

This was my first time hosting a panel, and it went over very well. I’d like to thank all the people who played and watched!

The special guests, Scott McNeil and Amelie Belcher (there were more, I just didn’t get to their panels) were awesome! Scott is a character as always, and Amelie was off-the-wall hyper and informative.

Scott McNeil  Amelie Belcher like crappy romance novels

So overall this con was lots of fun with a unique spirit and had a high-level of vigor (9000+ possibly?). I would defiantly attend next year.

…Okay, enough of this sappy everybody-is-a-winner talk (well anybody involved with the pose-off will be losers). Lets end with something I call


Wait, is that guy selling Canadian Beer?  Tastes like chicken.

“Wait, is that guy selling Canadian Beer?” – “Tastes like chicken.”

Ahhhh… Boobies!  F*ck you! F*ck you! You're cool.

“Ahhhh… Boobies!” – “F*ck you! F*ck you! You’re cool.”

Oh my he said "doodie."

“Oh my he said ‘doodie’.”

Punny Stuff (repost from old blog November 29, 2009)

 As you can probably tell from reading my comics and blog, is that I have a lame sense of humor. I am a dork, I just sit around on a computer all day and say “I’m a dork! Internetz!” Well for once, it actually paid off. I entered DJ Bog Trotter’s worst (best) pun contest. And of course I won with my patent

What does the Basketball Playa’ do when he was sad?

…He was BALLIN’!

Oh gawd, how horrible. Why would I pollute the internetz with horrible humor?

Pun contest grammar nazis

That’s why; I won a free print of DJ Bog Trotters work. It’s a nice little trophy that proves I AM THE PUNNIEST! To continue the fun, comment on this blog post with your worst (best) pun and win a free print of your choice!

See the original contest here:

See the comic I won here:

And see my remake of the “Grammar Nazis”:

Engrish Fail! (November 12, 2009)

It’s ether Engrish or Dyslexia.

Engrish Fail!

Halloween 2009 (repost from old blog November 02, 2009)

For Halloween this year I attended a small Barbeque party. It was a great time. I’d like to thank Joe for extending his hospitality.

Joe as some kind of Hugh Hefner   Salad Bar Is ready to party

Halloween 2009 #3

People gathering around the heat and meat

Shoe Orgy

The food was great, you know, your standard party food…

Salsa, Ranch, Salami, Crackers, Tortias


Taste the Rainbow, and some chocolate


Flame on!

Hotdogs and cheeseburgers

… The meats

Yummy! Larvets!   Food with a face!

…and of course, bugs. Yup, cheese flavored bugs. What a smash!

Eating bugs

Even more bug snacking

Doesn’t phase the Filipino...   Irrational Exuberance!

After eatin’ some critters, wash it down with a beer shotgun.

Alcohol + Thrusting a sharp object in the general direction of your hand = Good Idea   Classy

Warning! Beer may increase your perceived ability at RockBand

You feel cooler than you look.

A great party! Thanks for the good times!

Parking Fail. Wakaba Mark Win (Repost from September 26, 2009)

I caught this fail while I was walking back from the store. But I guess it’s Okay because he has a wakaba mark.

Parking Fail Wakaba mark win