Resturant review of Coco Ichibanya (repost from old blog December 07, 2009)

I love Curry, maybe more than Dave Lister, so when I want some immediate spicy gratification, I trot down to the closest CoCo Ichibanya.

Coco Ichibanya, a Japanese curry house chain restaurant

Coco Ichibanya is a Japanese fast food curry house that is quick, easy, and delicious. They are located all around Japan. There are two located in Yokosuka city alone. Like any chain restaurant, they all have a similar feel.Coco Ichibanya has more than just curry rice; also available is nan bread, curry pan, salad, and dessert.

Counter seats are for the sad lonely guys, great for me!

But it’s not all cookie cutter, they do have local specials and seasonal menus. Coco Ichibanya is very foreigner friendly.  The foreigner menu has seven languages.

I can read that!

Ok, this is how it works,-

1: Pick your curry base: Beef, Pork, Hash

2: Pick your topping: There is a wide variety of toppings, from cheese to fried quall eggs, order as many as you want

3: Select the amount of rice: From 200 grams to 600

4: And my favorite, Spice level: From mild to 10

Not that hot...

The face let's you know how your bum will feel later.

This particular trip was my first time playing with level 10. I ordered a half plate of shrimp curry.

Half-plate of ebi curry. level 10

The rice is your typical Japanese sticky rice, good and hearty. The curry is flavorful and tasty, an instant classic.


That level ten was hot, but it was no match to a curry junky like me, well played, curry, well played.


If you want to take the experience home with you, you can get take out, delivery, or the Coco Ichibanya ready to make ingredients.

Too bad I don't cook...

Overall, Cocos is not the best, but it is still good, not to mention quick and easy. Keep spicy!


Burger King Windows 7 (repost from old blog November 10, 2009)

So what fancy exotic food will I be blogging about today? Some kind of spicy kelp from the coral reef of Antarctica? Or some strange mammal organ? Today is Burger King.

High end joint, Burger King

Burger King!? What the heck!? This blog has gone to crap. So why review a massive worldwide fast food chain? This…

Windows 7 is a meat window?

The Windows 7 Burger. In Japan this month, the restaurant compiled this 800 gram skyscraper of a burger in honor of the new Windows 7 Operating System. Here is how it stacks up, (pun intended) a whopper with seven flame grilled patties with some tomatoes and lettuce (so you know it is good for you).

A whopper isn’t so whopping anymore…

The Windows 7 next to a regular whopper.


Seven Patties

Yeah you are going to need that drink.

The burger is good, but chewing on the obscenely thick meat zone (heh) gets monotonous, and the texture gets dull. I suggest employing ketchup and mustard.

Eating Fail

My friend Justin just wasn’t up to upgrading his system to Windows 7. Well you can wash out the taste of failure and ground meat with a free pass that came with the burger to free coffee all November. Or, in Japan, you can get a Heineken from Burger King.

Free Coffee all November!

Heineken at a Burger King

Restaurant review Nirvana (repost from old blog October 31, 2009)

Nirvana is located in the Mikasa mall facing Blue Street in Downtown Yokosuka. It is underground of the mall. The front has a very narrow profile and easy to overlook. To combat this, they have very cleverly vented out the kitchen air to the street level. So when passing by on the sidewalk there is a 2 meter aromatic zone of a sweet, sweet curry scent that comes out of nowhere and pops you in the face. This caught my attention. So anytime I smell curry, I have to investigate like Guy Noir.

Knockin' on Nirvana's door

These steps are MUCH harder to go up.  Hell yeah, India. Let's get a little wild with a Zima

The Room is kind of small, but ambiance is nice. It is warm and the smell of curry and spice is soothing. Also in the back corner is a flat screen playing Bollywood’s hottest jams!

Nice room

Spice shelf  Black velvet painting

I-hip hop

The Curry comes in three spice levels… one, two, or three chili peppers. To me it isn’t that spicy But is still very flavorful.

Vegetable curry

Chicken curry

One of the appetizers is Chicken Momo.  Chicken meat in dumplings with spicy dipping sauce. Nice.


The Nan is so big that is broken down into four sheets so it can fit into the basket. The cheese nan comes in a Frisbee-sized disk with a thick layer of cheese. It will fill you up and comes with a side of “the itis.” However the bread is unusually sweet. Sweeter than any other nan I have ever head.

Nice set. Have time for a nap?

The lunch menu comes in sets ranging from about 750-1200 yen. The Dinner sets range from about 1100-2100 yen. Overall, a good place for Indian curry in downtown Yokosuka.

Kura Sushi Restaurant Review (Repost from old blog September 20, 2009)

Sushi, so we meet again. Sushi has been the butt of many Western negative concepts of Eastern food. “Hey, you forgot to cook this” “We call that bait where I’m from.” And the most frustrating conversation I get is “It’s disgusting.” Which I query, “have you ever tried it?” “Uhh, No.” If you are one of these people go back to your Budweiser and Hot Pockets.

For good and cheap sushi I hit up Kura Sushi located along the Eastern water front on the outskirts of Yokosuka down by PC Depot and across the street from The Red Lobster. The best part about this place is the massive variety and the price (most plates are 105 Yen).

Here is the front door, facing away from the main highway.

Kura 1

So I came in on the weekend in the evening, big mistake if you are bringing a large family. There is normally at least a 30 min wait for a table during high traffic time. Thankfully for me the counter for lonely folks was open.

Kura 2

So here is how it works:

1.       Wait for one of the various items to pass by you on the conveyor belt.

Kura 3

2.       Pick up anything that catches your fancy.

Kura 4

3.       Enjoy whatever you grabbed!

Kura 5

If there is nothing on the conveyor belt that you like, just utilize the touch screen to order anything on the menu and it will come sailing by in a few minutes. My top three favorite sushi’s are: Inari, Ebi Avocado, and Hamburger. (Definatelynot traditional sushi)

Kura 7

True with fast food and internet dating, the photograph over flatters reality. But it still tastes good!

Kura 6

If you are able to wait long enough for a table you get to play a game… for every five plates you turn in you get a chance to win a prize. A roulette will spin on the touch menu. If you win, a small and crappy capsule toy will pop out.  But as you can clearly read, counter seats are unable to play.

Kura 8

It’s not all Japanese fish food. For dessert you can finish up with a nice slice of cake. Which by the way, is not a lie.

Kura 9

(Hey, I like Hot Pockets!)

Restaurant review Sagamiya (Repost from old blog September 18, 2009)

For a quick snack, protein and cholesterol boost; I like to go down to the Yakitori stand “Sagamiya.” It is located in downtown Yokosuka across the street from T.G.I. Fridays. The outdoor stand is on a small side ally that makes you feel shady eating outdoor meat in between the downtown buildings.

Sagamiya 1

I like to call this place “Trogdor Yakitori”. Why Trogdor?

Sagamiya2a Sagamiya 2b

Watch out peasants! It’s delicious (oishii)!

Sagamiya 3

Sagamiya 4

This is how it works…

Sagamiya 5

And this is the result…

Sagamiya 6

Sagamiya 7

Sagamiya is a good stop for a quick, warm, and easy snack. Sure it isn’t a full meal and the cuts of meat sound dubious (Chicken ball?? What the hell is that?!), but I like it. Burninate on!

Restaurant review Akaoni (Repost from old blog September 16, 2009)

Akaoni (Japanese for a mythical red devil) is the newest Japanese buffet in Yokosuka. It is located on the 6th floor of the same building with All Days 24 hour Diner, right past pepper lunch and Mr. Donut in Downtown. I came across the joint by the big sign on the sidewalk.

 Akaoni sidewalk sign

This sign was big and had the right kind of food photos that made me craved them. So we went upstairs up 6 floors and were greeted by the double glass doors to the lobby.

Glass doors to the lobby

The lobby was decorated with many striking Japanese flower arrangements. The flowers are for the stores new opening.


Flower set 1

Flower Set 2

The was no wait, in fact there was a only a few groups of people there. But the room looked like it could serve 150-225 people. The restaurant was very clean. I could tell it was new. We were seated and the young waitress clicked on the gas. The grill and boiling pot of water built right into the table came to life.

And with that, the time for us had started (You can get all you can eat for 60 or 90 minutes in this restaurant). So we dashed to load our trays and sample the variety. The sign boasting 100 different items was right. The variety was awesome.  Many different kinds of fresh fruits and veggies, along with a freezer wall of meat a soup and curry station, a salad bar, ice cream freezer, a cake stand, and of course a chocolate fountain.

(Note: I was not allowed to take photos of the things not on my table.)

Plates of food

Meat on the grill

The grill was hot and the food cooked quickly. Good thing too with only 60 minutes to do damage.

Shrimp 1

Shrimp 2

The food was very good. And the best think is that you can make it how you like; well-done, raw, grilled, boiled, spiced, or plain.

Over all we enjoyed the food and the restaurant and would recommend our friends to go with us. Welcome to Yokosuka!

Price list:

90 minutes                           60 minutes

  • Man        2362          Man        1314
  • Woman  2290          Woman   1219
  • Child       1219          Child        645