Friend’s Guest comic. (repost from old blog post November 02, 2010)

My Friend, Julia, gave me a comic to post and share with you. It is cute and about having a toddler.

Your mom comic By Julia


Puppy Tech Hotline Cartoon and LOL Dogs! (Repost from old blog September 22, 2009)

I finally posted one of my “newest” cartoons. The “Puppy Tech Hotline Part 1.” This was inspired when I was working tech support in a hospital. I was looking though my emails and answering the phone. Well some chuckle-head sent me the most adorable email montage of dogs in Halloween costumes. (Eeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!) On the phone was the clinic manager, and I was so thrilled to see photos of dogs suffering though force personification, I almost talked ‘puppy talk’ to the manager. Close call… enjoy the cartoon. And as a bonus I am including the LOLdogs and cats I made for the cartoon in this post. You’re welcome, interwebs.

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