Engrish Fail! (November 12, 2009)

It’s ether Engrish or Dyslexia.

Engrish Fail!


Burger King Windows 7 (repost from old blog November 10, 2009)

So what fancy exotic food will I be blogging about today? Some kind of spicy kelp from the coral reef of Antarctica? Or some strange mammal organ? Today is Burger King.

High end joint, Burger King

Burger King!? What the heck!? This blog has gone to crap. So why review a massive worldwide fast food chain? This…

Windows 7 is a meat window?

The Windows 7 Burger. In Japan this month, the restaurant compiled this 800 gram skyscraper of a burger in honor of the new Windows 7 Operating System. Here is how it stacks up, (pun intended) a whopper with seven flame grilled patties with some tomatoes and lettuce (so you know it is good for you).

A whopper isn’t so whopping anymore…

The Windows 7 next to a regular whopper.


Seven Patties

Yeah you are going to need that drink.

The burger is good, but chewing on the obscenely thick meat zone (heh) gets monotonous, and the texture gets dull. I suggest employing ketchup and mustard.

Eating Fail

My friend Justin just wasn’t up to upgrading his system to Windows 7. Well you can wash out the taste of failure and ground meat with a free pass that came with the burger to free coffee all November. Or, in Japan, you can get a Heineken from Burger King.

Free Coffee all November!

Heineken at a Burger King

Halloween 2009 (repost from old blog November 02, 2009)

For Halloween this year I attended a small Barbeque party. It was a great time. I’d like to thank Joe for extending his hospitality.

Joe as some kind of Hugh Hefner   Salad Bar Is ready to party

Halloween 2009 #3

People gathering around the heat and meat

Shoe Orgy

The food was great, you know, your standard party food…

Salsa, Ranch, Salami, Crackers, Tortias


Taste the Rainbow, and some chocolate


Flame on!

Hotdogs and cheeseburgers

… The meats

Yummy! Larvets!   Food with a face!

…and of course, bugs. Yup, cheese flavored bugs. What a smash!

Eating bugs

Even more bug snacking

Doesn’t phase the Filipino...   Irrational Exuberance!

After eatin’ some critters, wash it down with a beer shotgun.

Alcohol + Thrusting a sharp object in the general direction of your hand = Good Idea   Classy

Warning! Beer may increase your perceived ability at RockBand

You feel cooler than you look.

A great party! Thanks for the good times!


Restaurant review Nirvana (repost from old blog October 31, 2009)

Nirvana is located in the Mikasa mall facing Blue Street in Downtown Yokosuka. It is underground of the mall. The front has a very narrow profile and easy to overlook. To combat this, they have very cleverly vented out the kitchen air to the street level. So when passing by on the sidewalk there is a 2 meter aromatic zone of a sweet, sweet curry scent that comes out of nowhere and pops you in the face. This caught my attention. So anytime I smell curry, I have to investigate like Guy Noir.

Knockin' on Nirvana's door

These steps are MUCH harder to go up.  Hell yeah, India. Let's get a little wild with a Zima

The Room is kind of small, but ambiance is nice. It is warm and the smell of curry and spice is soothing. Also in the back corner is a flat screen playing Bollywood’s hottest jams!

Nice room

Spice shelf  Black velvet painting

I-hip hop

The Curry comes in three spice levels… one, two, or three chili peppers. To me it isn’t that spicy But is still very flavorful.

Vegetable curry

Chicken curry

One of the appetizers is Chicken Momo.  Chicken meat in dumplings with spicy dipping sauce. Nice.


The Nan is so big that is broken down into four sheets so it can fit into the basket. The cheese nan comes in a Frisbee-sized disk with a thick layer of cheese. It will fill you up and comes with a side of “the itis.” However the bread is unusually sweet. Sweeter than any other nan I have ever head.

Nice set. Have time for a nap?

The lunch menu comes in sets ranging from about 750-1200 yen. The Dinner sets range from about 1100-2100 yen. Overall, a good place for Indian curry in downtown Yokosuka.

Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade October 18, 2009 (repost from old blog October 25, 2009)

Last Sunday was the Yokosuka City Mikoshi parade. The Mikoshi 神輿 is a Japanese portable shrineIt is paraded out in the streets twice a year, to give the gods pleasure and a chance for the people to give them thanks. It is sort of a holy joy ride.

Mikoshi parade is a pants-free event!


U.S. Navy's Mikoshi

Mikoshi  Not a Mikoshi, but still cool

The event happens every spring and autumn all around Japan.  The spring festival is to pray to the local gods for a good harvest in the coming months, while the autumn festival is to give thanks to the gods for the year’s harvest.

Adorned atop all of the Mikoshis is a phoenix to act as a messenger to the goddess inside.


Phoenix 2

Each area in Japan has its own Mikoshi. The Mikoshi is traditionally carried by the young men in the local area. But recently women are allowed to carry them. And if no young men are available in the town, ringers from outside can be asked to help for a payment of food and sake. Sounds like when I helped my friend move into their apartment for a pizza. “Hey dude. Can you help my move my shrine, I’ll like, totally get you a cheese ‘za. Dude.”

Granny isn't all that into it.

Step it up Grandma!

The Village People and the shrine of sexy.

This one is for the ladies!

Feeling it!

Hayashi 囃子is the folk music that is played during this parade. Many of the sounds for the performers came from taiko drums, fude, traditional vocalizations, and just banging things on other thing rhythmically.



Fute. Woodwinds kick ass!

Keepin' the beat  This purple hair'ed guy can whaile!

All along Blue Street venders were set up cooking parade food along with games set up for the children. The varieties of food included takoyaki, yakisoba, obanyaki, frankfurters, grilled corn, yakitori, pineapple on a sick, cotton candy, candy apples, and chocolate bananas.

Yokosuka's special negi tako

Takoyaki come in a ball format.

Fruit on a stick. That makes it better!

Meat stick!


Yakitori = meat on a stick.

Ok, this is the only way to eat fruit, on a stick and covered in chocolate.

Candy Fluff.

A children's card game

Overall if you are visiting Japan and are lucky enough to present during the semiannual Mikoshi parade, check it out, it is one of the many things unique about Japan.


Kosho  Kosho 2

Doraimon  I don't think his shirt says "I'm with stupid"

Drunk Mask  Crazy eye o_0


The coolist old guy ever!

Racist Name Fail (repost from old blog October 20, 2009)

Here is a racist name fail for a tanning bed salon in Shibuya.

That's kind of a racist name fail for a tanning bed salon. Fail spotted Shibuya, Japan.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 Cosplay edition! (repost from old blog October 20, 2009)

In the following dissertation, I will go in depth in to the social and economic influences of the video game industry…. Wait what? You want to see that cool Cosplay form the Tokyo Game Show? Ok, his is your visual stimuli…


Touhou girls Cosplay creeps me out

Misty Cosplay pokemon

Cosplay Ubisoft swag girls pimping the Assassin's Creed 2  Capcom swag girl Cosplay

Samurai Cosplay  White and black lacey Cosplay

Swag girl Cosplay Kawaii!  Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay


Cosplay  No convention is compleat without a Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay

Cute Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay  Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay nice legs

Cosplay  Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay

Final Fantasy 6 Terra Cosplay  Final Fantasy 6 Terra Cosplay 2

Final Fantasy 6 Terra with Go-Go Cosplay That crazy mime  Cosplay

Watch out Snake! The Floor is electric! Metal Gear Solid 3 Cosplay  Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay

Cosplay  Cosplay