Punny Stuff (repost from old blog November 29, 2009)

 As you can probably tell from reading my comics and blog, is that I have a lame sense of humor. I am a dork, I just sit around on a computer all day and say “I’m a dork! Internetz!” Well for once, it actually paid off. I entered DJ Bog Trotter’s worst (best) pun contest. And of course I won with my patent

What does the Basketball Playa’ do when he was sad?

…He was BALLIN’!

Oh gawd, how horrible. Why would I pollute the internetz with horrible humor?

Pun contest grammar nazis

That’s why; I won a free print of DJ Bog Trotters work. It’s a nice little trophy that proves I AM THE PUNNIEST! To continue the fun, comment on this blog post with your worst (best) pun and win a free print of your choice!

See the original contest here: http://djbogtrotter.co.uk/2009/08/28/the-worst-pun-in-the-world/

See the comic I won here: http://djbogtrotter.co.uk/2009/07/31/grammar-nazis/

And see my remake of the “Grammar Nazis”: http://www.graycontrast.com/fauxtocomics002.html