Sukoshicon Huntsville (repost from old blog November 17, 2010)

On the 13th I woke up super early and made my way over to Huntsville Alabama. Why would I do something like that? To participate in Sukoshicon!
The Con was in the Marriott right next to a NASA space center.

The Huntsville NASA Space center

Here is my display. My table has a bit more stuff on it than last time.

Sukoshicon Huntsville. My table!

Sukoshicon Huntsville

And here are some of the drawings I did.

Rocket Shrimp and Party Fowl


Sukoshicon Mobile (repost from old blog October 17, 2010)

Sukoshicon Mobile was my first anime convention where I had a table in the artist ally.  It was a 12-hour con in the heart of Mobile Alabama. Here is my table.

Sukoshicon Mobile Alabama

Sukoshicon Mobile Alabama

Sukoshicon Mobile Alabama

I had two commissions:

Father Anderson, Hellsing

Father Anderson from Hellsing

Roy Mustang, Full Metal Alchemist

Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist